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What happens when an alien probe strikes the earth in the Arizona desert? What happens when rock hounds, college students, and the US Army confront this probe? What happens when religious zealots trek to the alien with hopes for salvation? An Australian shaman foresees that the Earth will change. And he sees that Uluru will rise.

Can humankind adapt? Or must they resist?

Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park

Down under, the Earth is carved until the land itself becomes a weapon. Can we handle a second invasion? A team of American scientists and soldiers work to understand then protect us from what they find. Like termites in search of their next meal, humans must address their limitations in a world gone mad. Uluru will rise. World War Z. Max Brooks. Lee Child.

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    Uluru | National Museum of Australia

    Blinders Keepers Second Edition. John Rachel. Henry Brown. The Post-Apocalyptic Primer. Scott Bradbury. On Account of Darkness. Bill Pronzini. Greg Strandberg. Time Traps. National Museum of Australia. The hand back of title to Uluru's traditional owners in sought to balance tourism interests with cultural needs. Uluru today is a natural wonder, a symbol of Indigenous land rights and, for many, a source of spiritual connectedness with the continent. In , after lengthy negotiations, the Australian Government handed joint management and title of Uluru back to the Indigenous Anangu people on condition they lease it to the Australian National Parks and Wildlife Service.

    A controversial decision, it did not pass without protest from the Northern Territory Government, tourism interests and Aboriginal people. The National Museum of Australia acknowledges First Australians and recognises their continuous connection to country, community and culture. Symbols of Australia Uluru. From the centre of Australia. Bone china saucer, about , Royal Stafford, England. Credit: AAP. The Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park board voted unanimously in to ban the climb from next Saturday, 34 years to the day since the land was handed back to its traditional owners.

    The park's traditional owners, the Anangu people, are excited to mark the end of a decades-long fight to close the climb. Tourists observe the sun setting from the dedicated sunset area near Uluru on October Confirmation of the date of the ban has drawn people to the park. And despite fears that closing the climb would destroy tourism in the area, operators are optimistic about their prospects for the remainder of the year.

    Lake Eyre filled with water this year as well - so many, many more are going up the centre.

    Everyone was saying 'ah it's going to be a disaster when the climb closes', but that's not going to happen. Lyndee Severin, who runs a million acre cattle station kilometres from Uluru with an accommodation business on the side, said although she had fewer November bookings than October bookings, there were signs the Central Australian tourism sector will cash in on the Uluru controversy for years to come.

    Uluru Rising Uluru Rising
    Uluru Rising Uluru Rising
    Uluru Rising Uluru Rising
    Uluru Rising Uluru Rising
    Uluru Rising Uluru Rising
    Uluru Rising Uluru Rising
    Uluru Rising Uluru Rising
    Uluru Rising Uluru Rising
    Uluru Rising

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