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You can, for example, invite a friend along to join you in the game's magical world and then choose whether to co-operate with her or compete against her and her hand-picked legion of soldiers. Melesta Games intends to extend the life of Toy Defense 3: Fantasy via free content updates. In fact, Melesta Games plans to release lots of interesting updates for different holidays, and eventually introduce some new levels and even worlds to the mix.

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You may also want to keep your eyes peeled for a special free-to-play version of the game, which is expected to debut on the App Store in January. Top tips and essential tricks for your new Android phone or tablet Dec 25, Android. A kingdom with countless soldiers, who fought for the glory of their people and brought ever more wealth into their coffers. If that was his aim, then was the elder really so evil as he was made out to be?

Not necessarily! Was he willing to kill a man for similar reasons? What was the difference? Ever since coming back to the Vale, Autumn had sunken into a strange silence.

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She had always been the sort of quietly mull over her thoughts. Cloudhawk knew that all of this had to be weighing heavily on her, especially since the elder had once been someone she trusted deeply. How could she have thought one day her life would come to this? The human heart was too complicated to predict. Cloudhawk got to his feet and announced what he learned to the others.

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Drunky, after a bit you and I will go handle them face to face. Cloudhawk quickly went over the steps with them. By the time he was finished they could hear the trees rustling as a host drew near. They waited. The rustling became louder, and then as their enemies neared the clearing shouts began to ring out.

The front line was cut apart before they could get close enough to see anything. His Shadethread relic would easily slice through solid iron, and were thinner than a strand of hair — almost impossible to see. Out here in this densely packed forest, they were invisible, so the first batch was caught off guard and suffered badly for it.

The rest, unsure of what had happened, stopped before they became victims too. The silhouettes of twenty angry dragons appeared against the dawn sky, charging forth from the Godtree. Their ferocious nature was stoked. One after the other the beasts swooped, and the vicious nature of the fight was made evident by the sounds of screams and combat. Dragons were not easily defended against. Fighters from the Conclave did not have an easy method of killing them. Cloudhawk, however, was very pleased with the result.

Keep hidden, get ready to fall back. Just then, several dark figures broke through the trees.


There was just a flash of silver, and suddenly hot blood was pouring from their throats. Bodies crumpled lifelessly to the leaf-strewn ground. A plume of fire was belched their way. The dark forest instantly turned bright as day. The fires seemed to have a life of their own, like a fiery dragon winding its way through the trees. The tree it struck instant turned to blackened coal in the space of a breath.

So, without hesitation, he summoned a brilliant pillar of fire and flung it at Cloudhawk like a spear. Only, much to his surprise, an iron rod streaked through the sky and knocked his standard off target. His spear of fire streaks off to one side, impaling and consuming a pair of enormous trees but missing its intended mark. Wyrmsole regarded the wild looking old man who had interfered. He gazed upon the cane until realization dawned. He looked back at its bearer, unbelieving. The old drunk lifted Dawnguard and pointed it at Cloudhawk.

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  7. He was instantly wrapped in a brilliant orb that empowered his strength, speed and reaction time. Vulkan spoke in even, authoritative tones. Deal with her.

    Leave this one to me. Anonymous users can read up to 50 chapters.

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    After that number, Wuxiaworld continues to be free for everyone, but we require readers to register an account. To continue reading your favourite web novels, please create a free account, or log in if you already have one. The game was then held up for several minutes when the Dragons centre half took a blow to the nose from the ball and despite valiantly trying to carry on had to leave the pitch with a bleeding nose.

    The remaining 10 Dragons were now out on their feet and Yeading used their 5 subs to give the knockout blow. The Dragons tried to respond and created a couple of chances but had to settle for an undeserved loss. But like Rocky they will look forward to the re-match. The Dragons lost to Wealdstone in unusual circumstances. The Dragons arrived with a full squad only to be held waiting for hours in the freezing cold for the game to start. An exhilarating first half was dominated by the Dragons who came back from down to equalise from a well executed goal before half time.

    The second half saw a solid performance from Wealdstone resulting in the Dragons conceding four soft goals and as the Dragons came back into the game they ran out of time to pull back. We are off to a great start with the Firsts beating the league leaders to take the number one spot:. The Firsts beat Sandgate With only one league defeat the Dragons aim was to hit the ground running against top of the table Sandgate. The game started better for Sandgate who took advantage of poor defending to open the scoring.

    The Dragons upped their play to dominate but at half-time Sandgate remained a goal up. Within 5 minutes of the restart the Dragons had drawn level from a header and then shortly after scored again via a corner to take the lead. It was now one way traffic and a last ditch Sandgate tackle lead to a penalty to make it three. Dragons were now in cruise control and only a mistake would let Sandgate back in but alas an error from the back line did just that.

    The Dragons responded with substitutions with one contributing to a great move down the left as the other sub finished calmly to restore the two goal advantage. Two would become three when Sandgate crudely brought down a Dragon to give away another converted penalty. There was still time for Sandgate to grab another goal but a great second half by the Dragons ensured that for the first time this season they claim top spot.

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    7. The Reserves beat Sloane away at Hackney Marshes. The Reserves looked surprisingly sharp in the opening stages as they faced, for the second time this season, a reserve side full of Premier League first teamers as their game had been called off. With the defence looking sharp there were positive signs that the Dragons would grab the 3 points.

      However as time wore on and half chances were not capitalised on Sloane shook off their Christmas cobwebs and evened the play up before the referee blew for half time. After a similar opening first 20 minutes the Dragons coach switched to a to allow the creative midfield to get further forward and the game changed immediately but with the final ball lacking terribly leaving the Sloane keeper largely unchallenged. The referee had a poor game and countless Dragons were upended but without a free kick in sight.

      Finally in injury time a free kick was awarded on the line for what was nearly an assault on the Dragons winger. A delightful delivery over the defence to the far post lead to the Dragons veteran striker saving the day with an outstretched leg and volley home. The referee looked at his watch and blew as Sloane kicked off and the jubilant Dragons had got the win they deserved.


      The U14 Nighthawks lost away against a mid division team that they had beaten at home. It was one of those days with not enough players and no keeper. The Dragons were the better team and were down at the break but simply did not have the energy reserves for the 2nd half. The U14 Eagles beat Heathrow Club away. Heathrow bustled like their airport albeit with fewer strikes but after a hearty start from both sides it was the Eagles who really took flight. And though our early break was cancelled out by a soft penalty their eager striker colliding with a slice of late-departing fog our class was always going to tell.

      While the home side laboured in Economy, we showed great maturity by appearing as comfortable in Business with hard, direct balls to the our tireless forwards as First with patient passing, crafty movement and slick finishing to delight the connoisseur. Five-one up at half-time, there were signs of easing in the second as the heavy pitch drew strength from weary legs.

      To Thwart the Mighty Dragons Fire To Thwart the Mighty Dragons Fire
      To Thwart the Mighty Dragons Fire To Thwart the Mighty Dragons Fire
      To Thwart the Mighty Dragons Fire To Thwart the Mighty Dragons Fire
      To Thwart the Mighty Dragons Fire To Thwart the Mighty Dragons Fire
      To Thwart the Mighty Dragons Fire To Thwart the Mighty Dragons Fire

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