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Grant Hamilton. The Bladewitch. He had hoped to be greeted by whispers and stares, as in his mind he was already a fully-fledged genius with an exceptional magical prowess; the fact that he was merely ordinary, that more talented children were there, and that nobody was particularly impressed by his naturally wavy hair, disappointed him.

He did have above-average abilities, and he was cleverer than most of his classmates, but he had a bad flaw in that he would not try unless he was confident that he was the best of whichever particular team, group, or class he happened to be with at the time.

THE WITCH’S EYE: Preview and Cover Reveal

Gilderoy did achieve good marks and his teachers did think that, with hard work, he might be able to make something of himself. His vanity was such that he valued learning not for education, but because it granted him attention; he craved attention and prizes, and begged the Headmaster to start a school newspaper purely so he could see his own name in print. When these exploits failed to grant him attention, he took to grander, more dramatic means of garnering attention.

Though he had never been popular with the other students, he did manage to achieve small notoriety by carving his signature in twenty foot long letters into the Quidditch pitch earning him a weeks' worth of detentions , creating a spell that shot a hologram of his own face into into the sky in imitation of the Dark Mark , and sending himself eight-hundred Valentines, causing breakfast to be cancelled due to the number of droppings and feathers in the porridge.

He increasingly devoted his talents to insincere shortcuts and cowardly dodges, focused on attention and neglecting true learning. During the course of his magical education, the school fell under the threat of the sinister defensive measures of the fabled Cursed Vaults after one of his peers tampered with them, [11] although Lockhart was not known to have been impacted in any way during the ordeal.

Sometime in his life, he invented a shampoo that guaranteed lustrous locks of hair, one of his few claims that proved to be true. Due to its main ingredient being too dangerous and expensive to procure, it was never produced for mass marketing due to the fact no one was going to risk themselves for something as superficial as hair care. Since then, it was Lockhart's dream to market these overly-expensive products. After his graduation from Hogwarts in with a faint sigh of relief from the school staff , Lockhart became an accomplished author, travelling to exotic parts of the world and, having mastered Memory Charms shortly after his graduation, tricking accomplished witches and wizards into revealing their greatest deeds and then erasing their memories.

This sole focus on Memory Charms would deteriorate his abilities nearly beyond repair, which spelled the end of Lockhart's fame when Lockhart became a Hogwarts Professor. He then returned to Britain with a new book each time, all of them self-promoting and filled with a wealth of invented details that for the parts referring to him were nothing but conceit, self-praise, and vanity and when referring to other things and people idle speculations, gross exaggerations, and sensationalizations; [1] known victims of his trickery included an Armenian warlock and a witch with a hairy chin.

His books were very popular, and he reserved a special quill of peacock feather just for book signings. He also received many awards for his supposedly great deeds and was invited to join the Ministry of Magic's Dark Force Defence League as an honorary member, all the while managing to successfully hide his fraudulence. His former teachers, who were unaware of his status as a con artist, began to think that they might have misjudged him, due to his supposed bravery and resilience in combating the Dark Arts.

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According to Lockhart, he initially believed that the more exposure he got in the press, the better his career would progress. By the time he was writing his second bestseller, Gadding with Ghouls , he became overexposed, something that damaged his popularity. He, then, went mysteriously missing for three weeks, after which he leaked to the Daily Prophet that he had been captured by trolls in the wilds of Stockton-on-Tees. The story boosted his popularity once again. Through this experience, he claimed that one must be " sparing with [one's] public appearances, at first ", as one might become overexposed.

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Magical Me is Lockhart's autobiography. Albus Dumbledore , the Headmaster during Lockhart's time, happened to know two of the wizards whose memories Lockhart erased and easily deduced the truth behind Lockhart's fame and decided to make Lockhart pay for his crimes. He correctly believed that dragging Lockhart into a normal, school atmosphere would reveal his fraudulence, and with a vacancy in Defence Against the Dark Arts having opened up in June , tracked down the author and offered Lockhart a job at Hogwarts something Lockhart had not been too keen to do, as he saw how well his career as an author was progressing and because those who knew him from his time as a student like Minerva McGonagall and Severus Snape were still there as well.

Dumbledore slyly hinted that Harry Potter was a second-year student at the school, and being a teacher to the "famous Harry" would propel Lockhart's fame into the stratosphere. Ego, fame-hunger, and glory-thirst overruled caution, and Lockhart took the job. The other teachers remembered Lockhart as the obnoxious attention seeker back then, regardless of his later achievements, and were baffled at Dumbledore for inviting Lockhart to teach; Minerva McGonagall , in particular, asked what possibly could be learned from such a vainglorious man, in which the headmaster replied there was plenty to learn from even a bad teacher: what not to do, how not to be.

Lockhart and Harry Potter during the book signing at Flourish and Blotts. Lockhart thus became the Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher for the school year , and several of his books were assigned for the course that year, resulting in an unusually expensive book list his books alone amounted to 35 galleons. He became quite excited and dragged Harry to the front, taking as many pictures as he could with the famous boy and then gifting him all of the set books in an attempt to garner some of Harry's affection.

The incident, in fact, embarrassed Harry, who gave his books to Ginny Weasley , both because he could afford his own set and also because he did not particularly cherish his interaction with Lockhart. Being the only willing applicant for the jinxed position, Gilderoy Lockhart became Professor of Defence Against the Dark Arts at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry during the — school year. His classroom and office at Hogwarts were decorated with pictures and portraits of himself before the class started, Fred thought that the teacher must be a fan of Lockhart, for which he was certainly correct which moved and smiled there was even one of himself as a classical artist painting another medieval version portrait of himself.

He also decorated the office with copies of his publications. For his first lesson, he showed everyone in his class what he really was.

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He first did this when he gave his second-year class a " little quiz " which was filled with questions that had nothing to do with Defence Against the Dark arts, but instead concerned his autobiography, Magical Me , and the parts of his books just referring to him, such as what his favourite colour and his ideal birthday present was; he simply wanted to see how much the class has read his books. Despite his claim of "little", it ran for three pages with fifty-four questions, and only Hermione got all of them correct.

He showed his true colours a second time when he then proceeded to release a cage full of "freshly caught" Cornish Pixies into the classroom, causing a large amount of pandemonium. He showed his true colours further a third time when he tried to stop them with a spell that had absolutely no effect on the pixies and then irresponsibly instructed Harry, Ron, and Hermione to clean up after the mess while running back into his office.

He was not the least bit popular among his fellow Hogwarts staff members and constantly gave them unsolicited pieces of advice on their specialities. Harry and his friends except for Hermione Granger also found him quite obnoxious and could not take him seriously as a Professor. Even Rubeus Hagrid , the Gamekeeper, who usually refrained from criticising teachers, showed public disdain for Lockhart. Many male students, such as Ron Weasley , saw immediately that Lockhart was an annoying and incompetent fool whose reason for doing so poorly was because he had no idea what he was doing, and gave him very little respect outside of his presence.

Muggle-born students who have recently been introduced into the wizarding world , such as Justin Finch-Fletchley and Colin Creevey , also admired Lockhart due to their lack of experience with the magical community, and easily ate up his tall tales. After the pixie chaos, Lockhart did not bring any more live creatures into class, but instead read from his books and re-enacted several portions of his "achievements," sometimes dragging Harry to help him with it.

The only reason Harry agreed to do so was to get signed permission from Lockhart for a book in the Restricted Section of the library, which Lockhart signed without even paying attention to what book they wanted Hermione claimed she was interested in reading more about Slow-acting venoms , but in reality she wanted to learn how to brew Polyjuice Potion.

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Due to Lockhart's overall poor performances, the class did not learn anything about true Defence Against the Dark Arts, and Ron claimed that he only learned not to set pixies loose, and would have dropped the course had he been allowed to. For the majority of the year, Lockhart kept hounding on Harry, trying to use him to boost his own fame, much to Harry's humiliation and irritation. Lockhart made it look as though Harry was trying to use his fame of defeating Lord Voldemort to make a name in the wizarding world , that the Flying Ford Anglia he rode on to school was a publicity stunt, and that he was enjoying his companionship with Lockhart and ignored much of Harry's attempted contradictions to these ridiculous hypotheses.

After Hagrid told him that Harry was more famous than him without trying, Lockhart personally requested Harry to help him answer his fan mails for detention while bombarding Harry with his advice for fame and thought Harry would think of this as a treat, much to the contrary.

The Witchs Eye (Blood Skies, Book 5) The Witchs Eye (Blood Skies, Book 5)
The Witchs Eye (Blood Skies, Book 5) The Witchs Eye (Blood Skies, Book 5)
The Witchs Eye (Blood Skies, Book 5) The Witchs Eye (Blood Skies, Book 5)
The Witchs Eye (Blood Skies, Book 5) The Witchs Eye (Blood Skies, Book 5)
The Witchs Eye (Blood Skies, Book 5) The Witchs Eye (Blood Skies, Book 5)
The Witchs Eye (Blood Skies, Book 5) The Witchs Eye (Blood Skies, Book 5)
The Witchs Eye (Blood Skies, Book 5) The Witchs Eye (Blood Skies, Book 5)

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