The Deadly Series Boxed Set (Kinncaid Brothers Collection Book 1)

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They are a must read.

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The will give everything your looking for.. Suspense, mystery, romance and so much more. Trust me you will fall in love with the hero and heroine.. I recently read Deathwatch by Dana Marton.

James Patterson

I enjoyed the book and am looking forward to reading the next in the series. The only downside I found about the book was the mention of chocolate so much. If you like roamantic suspense tis is the book to read. I have been a fan of the entire series and love Dana Marton as an author! I highly recommend this series to everyone! I have read and enjoyed all the books in this series. A few of them, I have read more than once. Dana Marton writes awesome romantic suspense books. Must read! I have read all the Broslin Creek books. Definitely recommend any of her books! Dana Marton does an awesome job with Romantic Suspense.

It has everything in a series I look for when I want to read a book with Romance, suspense, mystery and each ends as a complete book, no cliff hangers. I enjoy the suspense and she does a great job with them. Three books, three romance genres. Love, Honor, Cherish. Four Fates. Four Sisters. Get lost in a world of succubi, demons, vampires, shapeshifters, magic casting, intense sensuality and sassy jokes.

Come meet the men sent to protect the Bellum sisters: The scarred vampire commander with a heart of ice, Tyrian en Kulev; the alpha shapeshifter who will stop at nothing to capture his mate, Lyonis Keelan; the golden-skinned, blue-haired demon warlord wh With the galaxy in upheaval, its future rests in the hands of a usurped warrior king and the farm girl that appears in his dreams.

Vi Junrah has never left her home planet.

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She spends nights staring into the stars, feeling as though she belongs among them, despite the Ansuli people being a humble, unassuming race. When a spaces Read for FREE using your KindleUnlimited membershipSerial Killers AbridgedThe ultimate reference for anyone compelled by the pathology and twisted minds behind the most disturbing of homicidal monsters. From A to Z, and from around the world, these serial killers have killed in Dena Meadows is a professional woman, wife, and student working on her Ph. Her world is shattered when she finds that her husband has been cheating on her with a younger woman.

Coming from a family of failed relationships and secrets, Dena is the first in her family to ever get a formal education. Eric Allen Ava quickly finds out that there is far more drama in the church than in her former life.

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How does a worldly woman new to the church counsel people that like her, str Michael Lowery is a successful businessman. He works for an advertising agency in downtown Chicago. Being in the business, he is knowledgeable of all the latest fashions and his dream is to become one of the top advertisers in the city. Mike knows the meaning of struggle and has a work ethic that is unmatched. Because his schedule is so hectic he has little time for rela This book will bring you into close view the historical characters of Tiberius, the Herods, Pilate, Peter, and particularly and dominantly, Jesus Christ.

Again I come. Patience Worth my name. A wonderful, a beautif The story is narrated by Louisa Bligh, a southern daughter who has fallen deeply in love with a young Edgar Allan Poe. This book tells the compelling story of a seventeen year old young man who entered the Negro Baseball League, before graduating high school, with great aspirations of playing in the Major League.

The weather is cold and rainy, and the parade is a total disaster. To make matters wors The raging Willowemoc River sets the scene in this fast-paced shifter adventure novel. Located deep in the Catskills is a compound cut off from the world, and nobody knows this more than Hadley Ellory.

This Boxed Set of books contains powerful warfare prayers and decrees taken from Scripture that will break the powers of darkness, depression and addiction and release the blessings and favor of God. The devil trembles when even the weakest saint prays!

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  8. Activate the Ultimate Power Source, the Almighty GodPrayer and the declaration of Scripture are two of the most powerful weapons we have in lif Orange Is The New Black, Men's edition: After already beating Organized Crime charges, and after already being in many prisons, race wars, riots and solitary confinement, Glenn Langohr still had one more 11 year sentence left In a Maximum Security Prison, on the border of Mexico, where stabbings and riots keep the yard on lockdown most of the year, guards have a way of keeping it going.

    What's the ghost of Al Capone doing in Dreamland, Arkansas? Trixie's willing to live and let live, but Al doesn't seem to be so tolerant! Trixie Blake barely remembers her small hometown or the grandfather who left her the Quimby Building on the antiquated town square. Newly-widowed and at loose ends, she treks to Dreamland to look for a fresh start. Sunburst: The symbol for fire and the personal rune of Mab Monroe.

    Mab is never seen out and about Ashland without wearing her signature sunburst necklace — a circular ruby surrounded by several dozen golden wavy rays. The diamond cutting on the gold makes the rays look like they are actually flickering — like Mab is actually wearing a ring of fire around her neck.

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    Heart and arrow: A heart with an arrow through it is the symbol for Northern Aggression, the upscale nightclub run by Roslyn Phillips. Hammer: The symbol for strength, power, and hard work. The personal and business rune of wealthy Ashland businessman Owen Grayson, who has an elemental talent for metal and a strange interest in Gin Blanco.

    A lit stick of dynamite: The personal rune of dwarven coal mine owner Tobias Dawson, as well as the symbol for his business, Dawson Mining Company. Riverboat and dollar sign: This is the rune for the Delta Queen, a riverboat casino owned by underworld shark Phillip Kincaid. The casino trolls up and down the muddy waters of the Aneirin River inviting folks to come on board and those their money in high style. Orchid: The symbol for delicate grace. Assassin Elektra LaFleur has an orchid tattooed on the side of her neck — and always leave a white orchid on the bodies of the people that she kills.

    Lightning: In addition to her fighting prowess, assassin Elektra LaFleur also has deadly electrical elemental magic at her disposal.

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    Viper: Brutus, an assassin that Gin Blanco has had numerous dealings with, has this symbol tattooed on his neck in honor of his assassin name, Viper. Shades of gray rule in this world where magic and murder are all too commonplace. The gritty tone of this series gives Estep a chance to walk on the darker side. Kudos to her for the knife-edged suspense! The second chapter of the first-person Elemental Assassin series is just as hard-edged and compelling as the first. Gin Blanco is a fascinatingly pragmatic character, whose intricate layers are just beginning to unravel.

    Estep has truly hit the jackpot with this outstanding series! Funny, smart, and dead sexy. Gin Blanco A cook, waitress, and owner of the Pork Pit barbecue joint.

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    In her spare time, Gin moonlights as an assassin codenamed the Spider.

    The Deadly Series Boxed Set (Kinncaid Brothers Collection Book 1)
    The Deadly Series Boxed Set (Kinncaid Brothers Collection Book 1)
    The Deadly Series Boxed Set (Kinncaid Brothers Collection Book 1)
    The Deadly Series Boxed Set (Kinncaid Brothers Collection Book 1)
    The Deadly Series Boxed Set (Kinncaid Brothers Collection Book 1)
    The Deadly Series Boxed Set (Kinncaid Brothers Collection Book 1)
    The Deadly Series Boxed Set (Kinncaid Brothers Collection Book 1)

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