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It might be in a year, or 10 years. But when you see a book at the right time, you will become curious about it and take it off your bookshelf. Patrick Collison speaks in similar terms:. The other thing I think is actually quite valuable is just leaving books out. So there is books in the kitchen.

Smart reading hack 1: View books as an experiment

Or, something else triggers its relevance. You read an article. You start appreciating a point or a question or something. And so, part of the reason I still value physical books is because it creates a kind of idea space for you that makes productive collisions more likely to happen. Reading a book like a magazine is a powerful metaphor.

Instead, we often skim to find the most interesting and relevant articles and then go deep and slow on those. This approach is powerful on a few levels:. Avid reader and famous tech investor and entrepreneur Naval Ravikant has pioneered a reading system that helps him use his shorter attention span to his benefit. Ravikant noticed that many of the books that had the most value are older source books that form the foundation of other books.

Smart reading hack 2: Do Fractal Reading

He describes the value of these books in a Tim Ferriss podcast episode:. The older the problem, the older the solution. Any book that has been around for 2, years has been filtered by a lot of people. But Ravikant noticed a challenge with reading these types of books:. So what I did is I came up with this hack where I started treating books as throw away blog posts or as bite-size tweets or Facebook posts.

And I felt no obligation to finish any book. Now, any time someone mentions a book to me, I buy it. I feel no obligation whatsoever to finish the book. So all of a sudden books are back into my reading library. Just by walking into their homes it is difficult to tell the difference between a book hoarder and smart reader. Each house would be strewn with books. But under this surface similarity, there are three qualities that separate the two.

Whereas book hoarders judge themselves by the number of books they own, smart readers judge themselves by what they get out of them. Becoming a polymath is just one of many approaches to learning faster and more effectively which I share. You can watch my webinar that summarizes some of the biggest principles by following the link below…. This article was written with love and care using the blockbuster mental model. Sign in. Get started. Best Stories Upgrade Your Intelligence. Michael Simmons Follow.

They had always wanted to travel, so he takes her ashes with him on a road trip out west. What ensues is a touching and funny adventure that will relax you before you drift off into dreams. If you prefer relaxing nonfiction, this book is the perfect pick.

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Surreal and sparkling, The Red Car follows protagonist Leah as she goes on a road trip to claim a red sports car she inherits from her former boss, Judy. In this contemplative stream-of-consciousness collection, a young woman leads a solitary life in an Irish coastal village. It's not plot-heavy, so if you're easily exhausted by lots of action scenes before bed, this book is a good choice.

It's reminiscent of Virginia Woolf, and will relax you with interesting and thoughtful musings. Two mixed race girls grow up in '80s London, and they both dream of becoming dancers. Swing Time is the story of their intertwining lives. Charles Wang, an immigrant businessman, goes on a cross-country road trip with his family: aspiring comedian son Andrew, fashion blogger Grace, and the children's stepmother Barbra.

They drive from California to New York to reunite with the eldest child, Saina.

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Charming, light, and funny, this is the perfect story to read before you hit the pillow and catch some z's. Click Here To Buy This small book has a lot to say. Click Here To Buy Auggie Pullman is a child with facial abnormalities who was home-schooled — until now. Click Here To Buy Enzo, the narrator, is a dog.

Click Here To Buy This sweeping novel takes place over the span of three centuries, following the story of protagonist Orlando. Click Here To Buy Eighty-five-year-old Lillian Boxfish takes a stroll through Manhattan and reflects on her past in this endearing novel. The Happiness Project. Alfred A. The Book Thief. The Giving Tree. David Fickling Books. The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. Seymour: An Introduction. Atria Books. The One Life We're Given.

The Enchanted April. A Manual for Heartache. Daring Greatly. The Unbearable Lightness of Being. Penguin Books.

28 of the Best Beach Reads of 12222

Riverhead Books. A Thousand Splendid Suns. W is for Wasted. Beacon Press. Man's Search for Meaning. The Joy Luck Club.

Conari Press. Ballantine Books. Women Who Run with the Wolves. Washington Square Press. Devil in a Blue Dress. Boa Editions Ltd. Mules of Love. The Madwoman in the Volvo.

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Love (Read. Relax.Enjoy. Book 2) Love (Read. Relax.Enjoy. Book 2)
Love (Read. Relax.Enjoy. Book 2) Love (Read. Relax.Enjoy. Book 2)
Love (Read. Relax.Enjoy. Book 2) Love (Read. Relax.Enjoy. Book 2)
Love (Read. Relax.Enjoy. Book 2) Love (Read. Relax.Enjoy. Book 2)
Love (Read. Relax.Enjoy. Book 2) Love (Read. Relax.Enjoy. Book 2)
Love (Read. Relax.Enjoy. Book 2) Love (Read. Relax.Enjoy. Book 2)

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