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In the second week of this course, we'll learn about what's inside a computer. We'll learn all about the hardware components or different pieces inside a computer.

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We'll discover what each component does and how they work together to make a computer function. By the end of this module, you will also know how to build a computer from scratch! Technical Support Fundamentals. Enroll for Free.

Intro to Computers

From the lesson. Office Hours: 1. Grading procedures follow NVIT policy. Learning Outcomes: Upon successful completion of this course students should be able to: Keyboarding use correct touch typing techniques and procedures; and achieve an adjusted typing speed of 20 wpm.

Operating System describe the basic operations of an Operating System launching applications programs and managing system resources ; demonstrate the ability to correctly name and locate files and folders; and demonstrate the ability to perform basic file operations using the operating system copy, move, erase and rename. Word Processing create a new word processing document; edit a document, including cutting and pasting text; print a document; save a document to a specified location; retrieve a document from a specified location; use tools such as a spell checker or thesaurus; format a page using basic page layout properties margins, justification, boldfacing and line spacing ; demonstrate the ability to use help features and tutorials; create headers, footers and page numbering; manipulate margins; and create tables, columns, page and section breaks.

Electronic Communications browse and search the Internet; and send and receive email with file attachments. Options import information from other sources such as graphs, graphics, spreadsheets, databases and the Internet; perform basic spreadsheet and database operations; prepare and deliver a presentation using a computer; demonstrate the ability to participate in an online course; identify workspace ergonomics conditions; and identify software maintenance issues software updates and patches, deleting browser cache and history files defragmenting hard drives, backing up important files, etc.

Introduction to Computers

Text and Materials: Catherine Laberta. Every chapter has a case study which will help to understand the chapter. There is one deficiency in this book that it will not tell us line by line code details as compared to other books which is needed for a new programmer. This edition also give header file details in the end.

As it is in a binder I don't expect it willl last very long, though.

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Available for download now. Its short sweet and simple, also a decent price.

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Going to watch the Codemy videos just to help it stick! Using turtle graphics, no general operations like graph array or barplot , Needs a better intro to STD graphics primitives such drawline x1,y1, x2, y2. Engineering Fundamentals: An Introduction to Engineering.

Exceptionally comprehensive overview of the disipline, especially for the neophyte. Coverage of historical development of various branches and addition of 21st century information is especially useful. This was an amazing book.


Very informative! Only book out there that covers this Really helped. Only book out there that covers this topic. There's a problem loading this menu right now.

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Introduction to Computers Introduction to Computers
Introduction to Computers Introduction to Computers
Introduction to Computers Introduction to Computers
Introduction to Computers Introduction to Computers
Introduction to Computers Introduction to Computers
Introduction to Computers Introduction to Computers

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