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T here are plenty of reasons to be entirely uninterested in the arrival of Hush. Third, its rather unheralded premiere on Netflix suggests something of a stinker. For Hush is a hugely effective film and a much-needed reward for horror fans, understandably wearied of lazy studio product.

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The setup is simple: Maddie is a deaf author, living in a remote house in the woods, settling in for the evening. The resourceful heroine is plucky without resorting to superheroics; we buy into her reactions and thought processes as she tries to figure out how to survive.

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The film fondly recalls the sheer terror of the endlessly copied opening to Scream. Given the territory, there are a couple of box-ticking cliches, but in a brutally efficient 82 minutes, Hush is exactly what it should be: lean, scary and skilful enough to temporarily restore your faith in the horror genre.

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Spread out with tents and tipis in the Glamping Meadow to enjoy fireside chats and breakfast. We would love to see you.

We design experiences for the most dynamic organizations in the world.

Please use the form below, call or write, to arrange a viewing or receive a brochure. Your privacy means everything to us. Read our privacy policy. Extraordinary experiences in the natural world. Hush is unlike any other venue you can think of.

Magical life long memories are made here. An experience to savour in the wild.

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Your wedding. Its yours to create. We supply the time, the space, the accomodation and key essentials. The Vibe.

source Colts Lodge Glamping. The day was fantastic , thanks for your assistance in making sure things like the cushions were out and the fire was lit , with the amazing weather we had the day just all came together better than we ever could have hoped. Certainly everyone was having a fun time and told us so : More importantly thanks for helping forge a time that was utter magic!

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We are still digesting, enjoying and basking in the first waves of memories. This was the absolutely perfect place for our wedding. We could tailor it exactly to what we needed as it was almost a blank canvas, but in the most perfect setting with beautiful woodland and open Broadland views. We worked closely with Chris and Emma who were very helpful with recommendations for making our simple vision come to life.

The guests loved it and we created the wedding we wanted. Hush venues is an amazing wedding location.

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