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History It is said that the Border Collie descends from dogs used by the Vikings to herd reindeer. When the dogs arrived in Scotland, they were most likely crossed with the Valee Sheepdog. Today, the British Border Collie is recognised world-wide as perhaps the most intelligent, hard-working, agile and loyal breed available to sheep-herders. Its herding instincts and abilities are unsurpassed and it is the breed's ability to work that is of prime importance.

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Owners of a Border Collie must be able to provide plenty of exercise and activity. Temperament The Border Collie is a high energy breed that loves to work and requires activities to keep it healthy and occupied. Border Collies are highly intelligent, sensitive and responsive. They thrive on pleasing their owner day in and day out and will not be happy sitting around a house all day.

Border Collies are very energetic, highly trainable and have great stamina Upkeep Few dogs are as work-oriented as the Border Collie. This is a dog that needs a job. It needs a lot of physical and mental activity every day to satisfy its quest for work. It can live outdoors in temperate to cool climates, but it enjoys being with its family inside as well. This is a dog that cannot live in an apartment and that should preferably have ready access to a yard. Its coat needs brushing or combing twice weekly. It's keen, alert and eager expression add to its intelligent appearance, whilst its loyalty and faithful nature demonstrates that it is at all times kindly disposed towards stock.

Any aspect of structure or temperament foreign to a working dog is uncharacteristic.

Any tendency to coarseness or weediness is undesirable. Head: The skull is broad and flat between the ears, slightly narrowing to the eye with a pronounced stop cheeks deep but not prominent. The muzzle, tapering to the nose, is strong and the same length as the skull. The lips are tight and clean and the nose is large with open nostrils.

The nose colour in all dogs will be a solid colour with no pink or light pigment, and shall compliment the backgrounds colour of the dog. Eyes: The eyes are set wide apart, oval shaped of moderate size harmonising with the colour of the coat but darker colour preferred, except in the case of chocolate where a lighter colour is permissable and in the case of merles where blue is permissable.

The expression is mild but keen, alert and intelligent. Ears: The ears should be of medium size and texture, set well apart, carried semi-erect and sensitive in their use and inside well furnished with hair. Mouth: The teeth should be sound, strong and evenly spaced, the lower incisors just behind but touching the upper, that is a scissor bite. Neck: The neck is of good length, strong and muscular, slightly arched and broadening to the shoulders, without throatiness or coarseness. Forequarters: The shoulders are long and well angulated to the upper arm, neither in nor out at the elbow.

The forelegs are well boned, straight and parallel when viewed from the front. Pasterns show flexibility with a slight slope when viewed from the side. Body: The body is moderately long with well-sprung ribs tapering to a fairly deep and moderately broad chest.. The loins are broad, deep and muscular with well turned stifles and strong hocks, well let down, and when viewed from the rear are straight and parallel. Hindquarters: The hindquarters are broad and muscular, in profile sloping gracefully to the set on of the tail.

The thighs are long, broad, deep, muscular with well turned stifles and strong hocks, well let down, and when viewed from the rear are straight and parallel. Feet: Oval in shape, pads deep, strong and sound, toes moderately arched and close together.

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Tail: The tail is moderately long, set on low, well furnished with an upward swirl towards the end, completing the graceful contour and balance of the dog. The tail may be raised in excitement but not carried over the back. Movement: The movement is free, smooth and tireless, with a minimum lift of the feet, conveying the impression of the ability to move with great stealth. The action, viewed from the front, should be straight forward and true, without weakness at shoulders, elbows or pasterns.

Viewed from behind the quarters thrust with strength and flexibility, with hocks not close nor too far apart. When trotting, the dog's feet tend to come closer together as speed increases, but when the dog comes to rest he should stand four square. Any tendency to stiltiness or to cowhocks or bowhocks is a serious fault. Coat: Double coated, with a moderately long, dense, medium textured topcoat while the undercoat is short, soft and dense, making a weather resisting protection with an abundant coat to form a mane, breeching and brush.

On face, ear tips, forelegs except for feather , hind legs from hock to ground, the hair is short and smooth. A smooth coat is acceptable.

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Colour: A variety of colours is permissible, but white should never predominate. Size: Height: Dogs cm approx in at withers Bitches cm approx. Faults: Any departure from the foregoing points should be considered a fault and the seriousness of the fault should be in exact proportion to its degree. Note: Male animals should have two apparently normal testicles fully descended into the scrotum. His hard, muscular body has a smooth outline which conveys the impression of effortless movement and endless endurance He is energetic, alert and eager.

Intelligence is his hallmark. The body, from point of shoulder to buttocks, is slightly longer than the height at the shoulders. Overall balance between height, length, weight and bone is crucial and is more important than any absolute measurement. Excess body weight is not to be mistaken for muscle or substance.

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  • Any single feature of size appearing out of proportion should be considered a fault. HEAD Expression is intelligent, alert, eager and full of interest. Eyes are set well apart, of moderated size, oval in shape. The color encompasses the full range of brown eyes; dogs having primary body colors other than black may have noticeably lighter eye color. Lack of eye rim pigmentation is a fault. Blue eyes are a fault except in merles, where one or both, or part of one or both eyes may be blue.

    The tips may fall forward or outward to the side. Ears are sensitive and mobile.

    12 Imperative Border Collie Training Steps and Commands for Pet Owners

    Stop moderate, but distinct. Muzzle moderately short, strong and blunt, tapering to nose. The underjaw is strong and well-developed. Nose color matches the primary body color. Nostrils are well developed. A snipy muzzle is a fault. Bite: Teeth and jaws are strong, meeting in scissors bite. Chest is deep, moderately broad, showing great lung capacity. Brisket reaching to the point of the elbow. Rib cage well sprung.

    Loins moderately deep, muscular, slightly arched with no tuck-up. Croup gradually sloped downward. Tail is set low. It is moderately long, bone reaching at least to the hock. It may have an upward swirl to the tip. While concentrating at a given task, the tail is carried low and used for balance. In excitement it may rise level with the back. A gay tail is a fault. The shoulders are long and well-angulated to the upper arm.

    5 Best Dog Food for Border Collies in -

    The elbows are neither in nor out. Dewclaws may be removed. Feet are compact, oval in shape, pads deep and strong, toes moderately arched and close together. The thighs are long, broad, deep and muscular, with well-turned stifles and strong hocks, well let down.

    Choosing Border Collies

    When viewed from the rear, hind legs are well-boned, straight and parallel or are very slightly cowhocked. Go through the details of the composition of the dog food, you can be sure of one thing is that it is necessary to stop purchasing based on low price and low-end dog food. The best dog food for Border Collies will be those that belong to the premium range of dog food products, which have already discussed above. These are high-end foods. In general, the best dog food for border collies and other dog breeds are made on the advice of veterinary dieticians. Made of best quality raw material, they are properly dosed.

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    Therefore, if you want to control the quality of dog food , you will have to read the composition of each dog food product, that you are willing to purchase. Here are some tips that will help you out in the process of reading the composition and determining the best dog food for border collies:.

    How to Have the Perfect Border Collie How to Have the Perfect Border Collie
    How to Have the Perfect Border Collie How to Have the Perfect Border Collie
    How to Have the Perfect Border Collie How to Have the Perfect Border Collie
    How to Have the Perfect Border Collie How to Have the Perfect Border Collie
    How to Have the Perfect Border Collie How to Have the Perfect Border Collie

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