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Share Your Story. Rating: 5. Fallen Horses Ranch is an excellent organization catering to the needs of abused, abandoned, and retired race horses. They have great understanding of what the horses require and see that their needs are met. Very good organization.

Share this review: Flag review. Fallen Horses is an amazing non-profit that truly does put the horses before anything else. They love all of the horses and care for them above and beyond. These group of people have allowed me to realize just how much I love horses and care for them they way they should be cared for. They take the time to explain to you the how and they way things go are done the proper way. I've searched for many rescues and none have impacted my life like this one. Traci is an amazing true horse lover that has changed my life positively forever.

This has certainly been an amazing experience. There has not been anything more satisfying than seeing a horse find a great home and life. Coming to Fallen Horses is just simply amazing. This organization is beyond incredible. The hard work that the people put in for these beautiful animals is just beyond words I can come up with. They're so welcoming, and every day I come back, I fall in love over and over again. It's helped me when I felt my worst, and made me feel at my best.

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I cannot say how thankful I am to have found this organization and to be here not just to volunteer, but to love and cherish what goes on. Very family oriented, and each of the horses have their own personalities which makes it even better to come. Fallen Horses is a fabulous non-profit that helps rescue horses to give them a better way of life. It was a privilege of mine to volunteer for such a great organization.

Traci has dedicated her life to rescuing these majestic animals. Her level of commitment, compassion, and kindness is incomparable to any other. She is in it for the horses and their welfare. One can only admire her love for them. While volunteering, I helped feed and bathe the horses, which was fun. It reminded me of my days in Future Farmers of America. This was my first time being around horses and Traci made it really easy and comfortable.

My experience was absolutely amazing and I plan on volunteering again. I always enjoy sharing the story of Traci and her passion for her mission. Traci's efforts serve as an inspiration to others in many facets of life. She has created a formula for sustaining and enhancing life.

Her rescue mission saves the life of a horse, but the glory of her work has just begun with each rescue. With the horse life sustained, she networks to create a community of people who will benefit from time with horse. I recommend Traci because I know, she included my family and me. Our brother Mike had the moment of a life time when he rode horseback for the first time. Mike is 47 with Downs Syndrome. Even as a non verbal, Mike's excitement of being in the stable and the ride where evident. Traci's mission touched Mike's soul.

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We are forever grateful. My 6 year old son wanted to learn more about horses and we heard about Fallen Horses so we reached out to Traci. She was so great and welcoming.. Everyone was so helpful and eager to teach my son about horses that he asks to go back all the time! We think what you do for these horses nobody can do it better!! Thanks again Fallen Horses!! I can never say enough about fallen horses.

They are an amazing rescue who truly love and care about each and every animal that comes to them and are passionate about what they do. They have many amazing horses that have come to them for one reason or another.

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If you are looking for your next horsie family member, or just looking to spend time around some amazing horses, look no further. I've been a part of this organization for the past year. I "took the Kool-aid" early once I had an opportunity to get to know Traci and David Hutmier who founded the organization. Their passion for saving horses is real and they are both dedicated to the welfare of these animals.

Most of the horses we have currently in the Rescue were in jeopardy of going to auction where they would be prey for the kill-buyers, or they were in jeopardy of going directly to the kill-buyers. We've gotten to know each as an individual and the world is a much better place with them in it.

We spend a good deal of time working with the horses to evaluate them for personality, ability, and personal traits so we can place them in forever homes with just the right people. From the time I started working with the organization through year end , we were fortunate to place 22 horses in fabulous homes where their new owners love and respect them.

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Early this year we were privileged to also work with one horse who had been lost to his owner for six years. It is a wonderful story and has been published in several newspapers and magazines. Getting that old horse back to his original owner was one of the highlights of my life. Everyone in our organization felt wonderful to participate in that. Some of the other stories from our adopters have been just as great so we are making an impact not only for the horses but for the people who come in contact with them.

What we've found is that many of them take immediately to the horses whether or not they have previous experience, and many of them continue to volunteer here long after they've completed their obligations. We try to make each volunteer assignment a teaching experience and we work with them and teach them about how to properly care for a horse, even down to riding lessons if they are interested.

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This has been one of the most fulfilling years of my life. I couldn't be prouder of the accomplishments of Fallen Horses. Emmie E. I can not say enough good things about Fallen Horses Rescue. Every thing went as smoothly as possible. They assisted us in finding cross country transport as well as maticulously coordinating his needs throughout his long ride. He was loved by many at the rescue and touched so many people.

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  • We feel very privledged to have adopted him back. This miracle of reunion, a man with his first horse, was made possible only by Fallen Horses and their dedicated board members.

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    Fallen Horses Fallen Horses
    Fallen Horses Fallen Horses
    Fallen Horses Fallen Horses
    Fallen Horses Fallen Horses
    Fallen Horses Fallen Horses
    Fallen Horses Fallen Horses

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