Devils Dream

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Hobart Smith - The Devil's Dream

In addition to Daniel's five personal recordings, he has played on various other projects on Rounder, Sugar Hill, and Rebel Records. Daniel stays busy teaching privately and as an instructor at camps and workshops.


Daniel also enjoys transcribing classic fiddle recordings, composing, and arranging. Join Talent Forge to learn tunes from Daniel. You must be logged in to post a comment.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Skip to primary navigation Skip to main content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to footer Search. To me, it feels like a devaluing of fiddling, as if it is less than violin playing.

Within the world of fiddling, there are many subgenres. And mastering just one can take years of diligent study and practice.

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  • And some of these can be broken down into even more specific styles. Enough about that.

    England, Shropshire. Canada; Quebec, Prince Edward Island. Standard tuning.

    Old Devil’s Dream

    Despite its occasional appearance in the South, it is known as a Northern tune. It was in the repertoire of Arizona fiddler Kenner C. The title is among those mentioned in Patrick J. Quick each maid her hat and shawl hung on dresser, bed, or wall, Smoothed down her hair and smiled on all as she the bawnoge entered, Where a shass of straw was laid on a ladder raised that made A seat for them as still they stayed while dancers by them cantered. Murtagh and his vanithee had their chairs brought in to see The heels and toes go fast and free, and fun and love and laughter; In their sconces all alight shone the tallow candles bright — The flames kept jigging all the night, upleaping to each rafter!

    Merrily, with toe and heel, airily in jig and reel, Fast in and out they whirl and wheel, all capering and prancing. I believe that there is also a dance that goes with that tune.

    The Devil's dream on folk tune finder

    We got to do some English Country Dancing to that tune for a film that will be coming out in the summer, I think. It's called Twelve Years A Slave, after the book Twelve Years A Slave, and it's a movie about an accomplished fiddle player, a black man who was born free, but was then kidnapped at the age of 30 and sold as a slave and taken down South — to Louisiana and Mississippi. You can read the book for free online, and it is a great piece of literature….

    Brad Pitt is in the movie too, he's actually the producer. I don't doubt there being a specific dance to it. It has long been a popular reel.

    Congrats on getting to do some dancing for the film! My son was in the Northwest Indiana Symphony Youth Orchestra for a semester in his sophomore year in high school.

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    Devils Dream Devils Dream

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