Das Gilgamesch -Epos (German Edition)

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Gilgamesch: Ikonographie eines Helden (Orbis Biblicus Et Orientalis) (German Edition)

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The tale of the demigod Gilgamesh could have been lost, except for the unrelenting curiosity of an unlikely scholar, George Smith. Climbing the social ladder in Victorian England was difficult. For many, the prospect of a career at the prestigious British Museum was unthinkable, but George Smith overcame the odds. Born in to a modest London family, George Smith not only became an expert in the cuneiform script of ancient Mesopotamia, but also made a discovery that turned contemporary notions about ancient history upside down.

At age 14 Smith left formal schooling and became an apprentice in a publishing house that specialized in intricate engravings for banknotes. The work required close attention to visual details and patterns, a skill Smith picked up on the job and which would serve him well later. His workplace was fortuitously located on Fleet Street—close to the British Museum in the neighborhood of Bloomsbury. In Smith began spending his lunch breaks there to feed his growing hunger for the study of Mesopotamia.

Of particular interest were the discoveries that Austen Henry Layard and other archaeologists had recently made at the site of Nineveh, near Mosul in modern-day Iraq. Smith spent hours at the museum studying the clay tablets and teaching himself to decipher them.

The tablets were in Akkadian, an ancient language written in cuneiform script. Over time, the scholars working in the antiquities department realized how well Smith could interpret it. They informed Sir Henry Rawlinson, the foremost cuneiform scholar of the time, of their talented lunchtime visitor. Rawlinson, who had worked with Layard at Nineveh, met Smith and was impressed by his abilities. Smith proved particularly adept at spotting which fragment fitted where when faced with a table strewn with shattered clay tablets.

In Rawlinson convinced the museum to hire Smith, initially on a part-time basis, to organize the vast number of tablets in its collection. As experts in Akkadian writing were rare, most of the artifacts were simply left in storage at the museum. Over the next decade, Smith pored over them, perfecting his understanding of ancient languages, and soon became an expert.

Das Gilgamesch -Epos (German Edition) Das Gilgamesch -Epos (German Edition)
Das Gilgamesch -Epos (German Edition) Das Gilgamesch -Epos (German Edition)
Das Gilgamesch -Epos (German Edition) Das Gilgamesch -Epos (German Edition)
Das Gilgamesch -Epos (German Edition) Das Gilgamesch -Epos (German Edition)
Das Gilgamesch -Epos (German Edition) Das Gilgamesch -Epos (German Edition)

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