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Reporter Peggy Brandt Amy Yasbeck 's character from the film is the main female character in the series. Tina Carlyle Cameron Diaz 's character in the film is absent. However, the events of the film are alluded to, as Charlie knows that Stanley was the Mask though thinks Stanley threw it away , and Stanley is still upset over Peggy selling him out to the mob given that Stanley and Peggy were never treated as a potential couple, there may have remained some bad feelings over that though The Mask himself sometimes tries to woo her.

A gypsy named Madam Suspiria at one point claims that the Mask is the most powerful artifact in the world when she remarks "The most powerful artifact in the world and this idiot keeps it with his laundry". Unlike in the movie, Ipkiss is able to use the mask in daytime as well as at night. Niko and Dorian Tyrell, the two primary antagonists of the film who died during the course of it, do not appear in the animated series. However, an early draft of one episode was to have the ghosts of Niko, Tyrell and their deceased henchmen to return to Edge City and wreak havoc.

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The plot was to involve both of the ghosts and their gangs to break the remaining gang members out of jail, regain their areas of influence and resume their war against one another. However, the script would determine that they join forces in an effort to exact revenge against Ipkiss. Both Matacena and Greene were approached in order to reprise their roles, but eventually the episode was scrapped.

The series, despite having a "realistic" setting in the fictional town of Edge City, often relies more on Tex Avery -style humor and on occasion, breaks any meaningful laws of reality ; one episode featured the Goofalotatots, parodies of the Animaniacs , treating them as if they were naturally alive. Another featured the Mask becoming a personal assistant to the President of the US , with the job merely handed to him the president was a caricature of no real president; it should also be noted that former Mask comic writer John Arcudi wrote both example episodes, a stark departure from his usual writing.

Police officers are portrayed as idiots who can't see even obvious clues. Also continued from the film was the consistent visiting by The Mask of the Coco Bongo; a fictional, glamorous night club frequented by the Edge City well-to-do, which was based on the Copacabana in New York City. In the episode "A Comedy of Eras", in which Dr.

Chronos manipulates time so that the future Edge City becomes a corrupted, Nineteen Eighty-Four -like dictatorial society ruled by the villainess, features a Coco Bongo which has been destroyed — a development that horrifies and enrages The Mask and provides him with the motivation to ultimately defeat Dr. Stanley Ipkiss is the owner and wearer of The Mask, but there have been others who have worn the Mask either accidentally or intentionally.

The other wearers are:. Some Marvel references were made too, like the Mask becoming Biclops a spoof of Cyclops , Spiderhyny alias Spider-Man , the Green Surfer alias Silver Surfer and the Toolverine a spoof of Wolverine , and a villain that turned into a dinosaur like Sauron. Notable were Skillit spoof of Mr.

Mxyzptlk and Peter Pan , albeit much more malevolent in nature , Buzz Stingman who was transformed by mutant bees in a similar manner to Swarm and Putty Thing spoof of the Batman: The Animated Series version of Clayface , portrayed as a dumb teenager rather than an angry, jaded actor. In the Sister Mask episode, Pretorius hunts meteorites that each give the power of a member of Fantastic Four. After causing him nothing but trouble, Stanley Ipkiss gets rid of his mask by burying it in quick-drying cement, but must retrieve it to save Peggy and Milo from Pretorius.

The crossover also serves as the series finale of The Mask and the second-season finale of Ace Ventura.

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In "The Aceman Cometh," Milo has his brain switched with that of a scientist and is then dog-napped. Stanley in turn hires Ace Ventura to help get him back. At the end of the episode, Ace's pet monkey, Spike, steals the mask, and Stanley follows them to Miami to retrieve it. In "Have Mask, Will Travel," Stanley catches up to Ace just as he is recruited to solve a case on a space station, leading Stanley to become the Mask and join the investigation. This episode has been seen in syndication namely on local affiliates for The WB and UPN as well as part of the Big Kids Network, a syndicated line-up of cartoons from the late s and on international broadcasts in both English and non-English speaking countries particularly in Mexico , the UK, Australia, and Eastern Europe.

During the ceremony, a woman in a trenchcoat by the name of Cookie BaBoom who, according to the Mayor's aide, the Mayor dated at one point, though she was never seen or mentioned in the episodes that aired on CBS , and is an exotic dancer [the mayor's aide nearly calls her a "stripper"] crashes the ceremony and throws off her trenchcoat to reveal two megatons worth of explosives strategically strapped across her bust and waist like a tube top and a micro-mini-skirt, respectively, and implies that she's going to kill herself along with Mayor Tilton because the Mayor dumped her.

The Mask only interested in retrieving his feather thwarts Cookie's plan by impersonating a Cockney British bartender who creates a drink called The Bikini Cocktail, using the dynamite strapped to Cookie's body as the main ingredient.

RIP Buster: The sniffer dog 'who saved a thousand lives'

Before Kellaway and Doyle can capture The Mask, he distracts them by turning Cookie who had been spinning around in a blur after The Mask ripped the dynamite off her body around so her now naked front which the spectator is unable to see faces them, causing the two to react sexually to her nude body and collapse. The Mask then asks Cookie if he knows her from traffic school , but the rest of the line cuts immediately to the Bavariavillian woman freaking out over the Mask harassing Mayor Tilton it is unknown whether the jump cut is a sign that a suggestive punchline has been edited, but some fans have theorized that it is.

Six VHS volumes of the series were gradually released from to , all of which are now out of print. Upon the initial DVD release of Son of the Mask , Wal-Mart stores sold an exclusive 2-pack of the movie with the two-part pilot episode of the animated series.

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On April 10, , Warner Bros. After the series ended its run on CBS, it started airing in syndication, mostly on local affiliates and Cartoon Network from — Since , it hasn't been seen in the United States.

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In Australia, it has been rerun sporadically on Boomerang. Taco Bell distributed toys based on the cartoon for a short period of time in In South Africa, the Spur franchise used to give out Mask toys with the kiddies burger. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Not to be confused with M.

TV series. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. It has been suggested that this section be split out into another article. Discuss November Retrieved Archived from the original on Children's programming on CBS in the s. Inspector Gadget —92 Cyber C. The Mask. The Mask Son of the Mask The Mask: Animated Series — The Mask Categories : The Mask s American animated television series s American superhero comedy television series American television series debuts American television series endings American children's animated action television series American children's animated adventure television series American children's animated comedy television series American children's animated fantasy television series Television programs based on Dark Horse Comics CBS network shows First-run syndicated television programs in the United States Television programs based on films Television series based on adaptations American children's animated superhero television series Television series by New Line Television Film Roman television series Television series by Sunbow Entertainment Television series by Warner Bros.

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Joe Bacall Tom Griffin C. Bohbot Entertainment Warner Bros. Television Distribution. Pretorius tricks Stanley's friend and his co-worker, Charlie, into building a "house of tomorrow". A baby-sitting job turns difficult when the infant acquires the Mask and joins a biker gang with their leader Lonnie the Shark who is posing as children's show host Barnaby the Dinosaur.

When Lt. Kellaway tries to prove that Stanley is the Mask by handcuffing the two together, Stanley must go to elaborate lengths to get away from the detective when two mutants Putty Thing and Fish Guy formerly two teenage slackers named Dak and Eddie who irradiated themselves so they can become supervillains go on the rampage. Provide feedback about this page. I was tasked to attend there each evening when the tours had finished to carry out a search of the areas that had been open to the public. As usual, I tried to clear above, below and either side of those areas, obviously encountering some of the crew as I did so.

On the second occasion of my being there an officer approached me and asked if I could show the crew how the dog worked. I completed my search and then many members of the crew gathered on the foredeck underneath the massive gun. It was also an opportunity to let Mitch actually find something in a different environment.

I called out one Rating and asked him to help me by secreting a small piece of plastic explosive. I briefed him about the importance of using the glove and off he went while I spoke to the remainder of the crew. I should have noticed the glazed look in his eye! Now this part of the deck was pretty devoid of hiding places but I needed to be able to let the crew see the dog work. On the deck were small securing rings, which were folded flat into recesses when not in use. After about fifteen minutes of chatting and answering questions, I put Mitch back into harness.

He immediately perked up having got bored by just listening to me talk. I set Mitch to work downwind of the deck and off he went accompanied by soft comments from the audience, each member craning to look over the shoulder of the man in front. I saw the body language of the dog change as he veered into the dissipating plume of scent invisibly moving across the deck. It was easy for me to tell roughly from his body language where the explosive was even though I could not see it on what was to all intents and purposes, a flat area.


I should normally have called him out at that point but I wanted the crew to see what he did. The dog stopped dead, went into what had become his usual position, front end down with his bum high and he barked like hell.

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Bomb Dog Mitch-Another Box of Dogs Bomb Dog Mitch-Another Box of Dogs
Bomb Dog Mitch-Another Box of Dogs Bomb Dog Mitch-Another Box of Dogs
Bomb Dog Mitch-Another Box of Dogs Bomb Dog Mitch-Another Box of Dogs
Bomb Dog Mitch-Another Box of Dogs Bomb Dog Mitch-Another Box of Dogs
Bomb Dog Mitch-Another Box of Dogs Bomb Dog Mitch-Another Box of Dogs
Bomb Dog Mitch-Another Box of Dogs Bomb Dog Mitch-Another Box of Dogs

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