Apache Winter (Apache Warrior Series Book 3)

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Finally, he went over and took some horses from the Kickapoo. The Lipan went on. One of the owners of these horses, a Kickapoo, thought very much of his horses. He rolled a cigarette and went to a shaman who could tell how this was going to turn out, whether there would be trouble or whether everything would come out all right. The shaman hesitated; he was a little afraid.

You are a middle-aged man and so am I; we are not children. My power tells me that if you go out, you will have a great fight and two men will be killed.

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Do you understand that? The Lipan went on for a number of days. Finally, they stopped at an open place before they reached the mountains. The old man put a little cloth over a bush and made a shade. Cardinal Rodriguez was a young man, about thirty at the time. This is no place to stop!

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You know those people are bad. You always want to live a little longer. You just stay behind now for that purpose. Then he looked and saw the Kickapoo coming. Two of them came up and got off of their horses. One, the leader, was painted black all over. The two Kickapoo advanced and the shooting began. The old man had a gun, a. Soon another Lipan came up to help the old man and his sons and more Kickapoo came up and began fighting. Then all the Lipan scattered; three had been wounded.

The old man and his sons had horses nearby and were about to ride off, when they noticed a wounded Lipan in the shelter of some bushes. The old man was wearing medicine on his necklace and gave the wounded man a quick ceremony and some medicine to eat.

Apache Warrior / Воин апачей [2017]

The Lipan scattered, intending to gather together at one place in the hills. But Dinero had run off by himself. All the others ran the other way. He was alone and all he had was his six-shooter and a big shield. When the Kickapoo started to chase the others, Dinero fired at them. They whirled around and began to chase him. Dinero ran over some hills, with the Kickapoo chasing him, and then he turned and stood.

He curled up behind his shield while they shot at him.

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Dinero was just a youth, but he fought bravely. Meanwhile, the other Lipan had gathered. They missed Dinero. His brother, Billy, was trying to fix his gun.

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A bullet had jammed during the fight. He listened. He heard some shooting at the foot of a hill. He went there and came to a little ridge. Some mountain laurel bushes were there and Billy peered through them. Dinero Boy was out of his head. Then he saw someone coming, running down, and heard shooting.

It was his brother coming to save him. Billy came down and started shooting at the Kickapoo. He was shooting at them from one side. This Kickapoo shot and Billy went down. Billy was lying there. The enemy came up with his ramrod and was standing over him ready to hit him. Billy raised his gun and shot. The Kickapoo went over. Billy took a good breath, rolled over for a moment and then leaped up, though he was wounded, and fired among the Kickapoo. Then he ran for the hill.

He fell again over there and the Kickapoo thought they had him and came running. But Billy took another deep breath and ran for some thick bushes and a big rock. But just as he already reached the rock, two Kickapoo came over the top. Both fired. One hit him in the leg and he fell again. The first time he had been shot in the chest, and the bullet had passed through, making a hole on either side of his shirt.

Then a bullet hit him just above the groin.

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He fell right there, leaning against the rock with his gun. He saw the bullet hit the rock in front of him after hitting him and he saw blood spurt. He knew he was badly hurt, but somehow he got behind the rock. His brother, Dinero, was on the other side and the two brothers met. Billy was hurt very badly. The darkness was coming to him, which meant the end. He asked Dinero for medicine that he usually wore around his neck attached to his necklace.

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In the fight, it had been lost. It was the root of a plant. Then Dinero looked in a little pocket of his shield, which he still had. There he found a very little piece of it and gave it to his brother. They just went to their man whom Billy had shot.

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Both Kickapoo died on the way home. That was the last time they had trouble with the Kickapoo. Then the government told them to stop aiding the Mescalero Apaches who would raid down in Mexico. This, the Lipan refused to do. Soon, everyone was saying that the Lipan were the cause of many problems, so the government decided to take action.

A march order was issued to the Mexican troops to go in and subdue the Lipan. The leader of the troops was a man named Diaz. Chevato was about sixteen years old when this happened, his brother was eight years old, and their sister was just a young child, maybe five months or maybe five years old. The children were to go a few miles away and stay there until night.

They were to take the goats and go out into the hills west of the Lipan settlement. My grandfather was told that if he heard any kind of shooting, like a raid, to not come back to the village until nightfall. So he did this. During one of the days, the troops did approach Zaragosa and annihilated the Lipan. Only a few people survived and fled. My father told me only thirteen people survived.

When Chevato heard the shooting, he went back to the village, leaving his brother and sister always outside in safety. So he went back to the village alone. Going to his house, he found his father had been shot and killed. Then he found his mother, who was barely alive. She had just enough strength to tell him to get his younger brother and his younger sister, take some supplies, and cross the Rio Grande and go into Texas. And so he did the request of his mother. He got two horses and got some things to eat. He left and went back to get his brother and sister, and they crossed the river into Texas.

Apache Winter (Apache Warrior Series Book 3) Apache Winter (Apache Warrior Series Book 3)
Apache Winter (Apache Warrior Series Book 3) Apache Winter (Apache Warrior Series Book 3)
Apache Winter (Apache Warrior Series Book 3) Apache Winter (Apache Warrior Series Book 3)
Apache Winter (Apache Warrior Series Book 3) Apache Winter (Apache Warrior Series Book 3)
Apache Winter (Apache Warrior Series Book 3) Apache Winter (Apache Warrior Series Book 3)
Apache Winter (Apache Warrior Series Book 3) Apache Winter (Apache Warrior Series Book 3)

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